Current board revision: 4.3

Until December 2020, 20 pcbs have been shipped to testers as a first batch. Most of them have already been built up and are working.

The board is based on the Amiga CD32, having removed unnecessary parts and added useful stuff.

The specs so far:

  • Handy mini ITX format
  • 20pin ATX power connector
  • Motorola 68030/50MHz
  • 64MB or 128MB SDRam onboard configured as Fastram
  • 2MB Chipram
  • AA Chipset
  • Akiko Chip
  • CD32 compatible Kickstart
  • IDE Controller (Gayle compatible)
  • Expansion port for Ethernet card
  • I2C busmaster onboard, including I2C clock and voltage sensor
  • Clockport header
  • 2x DB9 Mouse/Joystick connector
  • Keyboard connector, MiniDIN, A4000D compatible
  • VGA 15kHz connector
  • Audio jack
  • 2x USB ports with USB header for easy connection of a clockport based USB card
  • 1x RJ45 connector used by the Ethernet card

Known issues:

  • I2C timing is not reliable
  • Clockport has problems with a RapidRoad USB card in combination with USB thumbdrives
  • Burst mode is not working (yet)

After fixing these issues and convincing the Ethernet card to work, the new Revision 4.4 will be released.

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