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Akiko32 - Amiga in mini ITX form factor

Akiko32 - An Amiga-AA compatible computer with extensions in modern mini ITX form factor. The board is a hobby development and will be released as open source for non-commercial purposes. The firmware is currently still under development, the first boards will go to the testers in July 2020. After a successful test run, all data is released.

The following features are available:

  • 68030 processor - There is a 68030 processor in a PGA socket on the board, which can be clocked at 14MHz or 50MHz
  • AA chipset plus Akiko - The complete AA chipset (Alice, Lisa, Paula) is on the board. In order to save space and get a lower chip count, the usual combination that is found on an A1200 (Budgie, Gayle, CIAs) is not used, instead an Akiko IC that does almost the same tasks in the CD32 is on the board. The AA chips are in THT sockets so that they do not have to be soldered on. The board is therefore also suitable for testing AA chips
  • 2 MB Chipram - The board has 2MB Chipram, the maximum that Alice can address
  • 64MB Fastram - 64MB AutoConfig-SDRam are on the board
  • IDE controller - There is a 2.5" IDE connector on the board. This is supported by Kickstart and has been also tested with CompactFlash cards
  • Clock port - An A1200-compatible clock port for USB expansions is on the board. A clock module is not supported (nor is it necessary)
  • CD32 kickstart - A 42-pin kickstart with 1MB is supported. A CD32 kickstart or a custom rom you have built yourself can be used here
  • I2C Bus - The board contains an I2C bus master. A voltage monitor and a real-time clock are already on the board


These connectors are on the board:

  • Mouse/joystick - DB9 Connectors for mice and joysticks
  • Keyboard - An A4000-compatible Keyboard connector (mini DIN)
  • VGA - DB15 VGA-Connector (15kHz) incl. EDID Signals to I2C Bus (optional)
  • Sound jack plug - a 3.5mm jack plug for sound
  • RJ45 - A network connector that is activated by the network card
  • USB - 2 USB connectors, which are activated via a USB header (PC layout)
  • IDE Anschluss - A 2.5" 44pin IDE connector
  • Clockport - An A1200 compatible connector for USB expansions (RapidRoad/Subway)
  • I2C connector - An ICY-compatible connector for I2C extensions
  • RGB connector - An expansion board provides a DB23 video connector. External genlocks are supported, the supply voltage at the port can be activated optionally
  • Netzwerk connector - A connection for a network card currently under development is also available. The Ethernet connector is already on the board and is activated via the expansion card
  • Frontpanel connector - A connector for a case front pcb is also available